German Endurance Championship CEI***

21.-24. July 2022

Dear endurance riders

We are pleased to announce that the German Championships in Endurance Riding will take place this year on 21.-24. July in Ströhen near Vechta/Bremen.

With Lisa Falk we were able to win an experienced organizer who, among other things, is hosting the championship of young horses for the third time this year. The events of Mrs. Falk and her team enjoy a first-class reputation through professional organization and passionate commitment. Since Mrs. Falk had several venues to choose from, another experienced team of organizers could be won after joint consultation in order to offer the horses the best possible route and the riders the best possible ambience.

The area around Ströhen is characterized by a generous, horse-friendly course, which promises little doubling of the route. As a venue, the Ismer family provides their renowned Arabian stud farm with attached zoo.
Here the German championship finds a representative backdrop and a co-organizer with decades of experience and perfect infrastructure for international events.

With Lisa Falk as organizer, we succeed in winning the north of Germany with its charming moor and marsh landscapes to host the German championship after southern Germany and central Germany in the near past and southern Germany in 2023.

As has been the case for several years, the DM will be held as a 100 mile as part of a CEI*** event. The DJM is held on 120 km.